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Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
We all have to adapt to whatever physical limitations are presented. A good teacher can sometimes make helpful suggestions. In my case, I broke the ring finger of my right hand several times in my youth. It is stiffer than the adjoining fingers with limited motion in the first knuckle, and cannot keep up when fingerpicking. Once I realized that, I had to re-work my entire fingerpicking repertoire to use middle and index fingers, mostly leaving ring out of the mix.

One thing you might try is putting a capo up at the 4th or 5th fret. This makes the neck effectively wider than at the nut. If you can play better there, over time you can move the capo down on fret at a time and gradually re-train your fretting hand.

Talk to a couple of teachers. They may provide good recommendations.

A guitar with a wider nut width may help as well (i.e. 1 3/4" vs 1 11/16").

... BTW, Welcome to the AGF! Guitar is a great journey. Make sure you let us know how it works out with your finger.
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