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Originally Posted by RichardP View Post
Hey, Digger...I want you to know that my wife says "Thank you." I think that is the same one that has been hanging on that wall for a while and that I have talked to Hans about a few times. I can now take it off my "gee I wish I had that" list and move on and not bug my wife about it any more. It is a really nice one that I am sure you will enjoy. I am just a "play along with friends" type of player and certainly didn't need that one, but it sure was a temptation. Enjoy it!
Thanks, and tell your wife "you're welcome" from me. This one was a relatively new arrival but he said it replaced a similar one that he had before that. Hans is generally easy to work with so always check with him about potential discounts. I stopped by GC first as they had a Godin 5th Avenue listed on their page used. It was gone when I got there and their stock is pretty bad right now, not that I've ever seen a nice archtop there (with the exception of the Gretsch Electromatic line).

I always just play alone and will use it for recording it just having fun. It's a great sounding and playing guitar, so I anticipate lots of fun times with it.
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