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Steve has outlined the options well here I think..! I'm in the process of sorting out a couple of these for myself.

Re. tube amps, I'm betting that his suggestion of the old Ampeg is very good advice - he's not the first person with experience I've heard talk about the quality of these amps. Old Ampegs are also sought after for their reverb and tremolo. The problem here of course is the typical one with great old tube amps - the Gemini I weighs in the ballpark of 50 lbs, and I'm guessing the Gemini II and Portaflex are even heavier.

Incidentally Steve, I have a 1960s Sound Electronics Corp X305R amp with a single Jensen 15" speaker. There's not much information about these online but my understanding is that they were built by John Dougherty, a former Ampeg employee. The quality of the cabinet is quite high, and the amp has a very nice reverb and a spectacular tremolo. I'm guessing it is similar to Ampegs from the same period.
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