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I'm a jazz guitarist who loves acoustic and archtop guitars. I've never played any amps that I like better than my old octal tube amps.

Some of them are "full range" amps originally intended for PA systems or phono/mic setups. I have a couple from the 1950s that are absolutely stellar for everything from electric to acoustic instruments, and I recently had a small custom octal head built designed for going direct using a cab simulator. It is a top-shelf piece of gear - 1930s/40s technology in a modern format. I remember when I first played through a military octal amp by Stromberg Carlson, I bought it and sold my 1965 Fender Bandmaster immediately.

There are a few guys making very nice new octal tube combos similar to old Supros and Gibson amps. If you buy a small, low wattage amp with a 10" speaker or something in that ballpark, you'll end up spending about the same as you would on a Henriksen and it will be very portable. Here are a couple of examples, but there are a number of these kinds of builders around:

The Henriksen "The Bud" is quite popular and definitely super small and light, although how small and light do you need it to be? If you're taking a subway and walking to a gig I understand it, but personally I will skip the 6" speaker and 9" square box in favour of a 10" speaker, a little bigger box and a better sound (to my ears anyway), and still end up with a very lightweight combo. I am interested in trying the new model, "The Bud Ten", but haven't had a chance to yet.

Best of luck!
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