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Originally Posted by 4mykey View Post
Diamondave...funny thing. I was so wrapped up in my conversations with Nick that I actually forgot to get pics of the woods! Next time I'm in Portland I'll see if I can swing by Nick's shop and get some.
Erithon... thanks! I'm really excited about this build!

I'm considering having Nick build it to a 24.9" scale. I have smaller hands and there's some chord stretches that have always been a struggle. Nick put that idea in my head and I keep mulling it over. Anyone with thoughts on that, feel free to chime in. I've only played a short scale ages ago. I play fingerstyle and have my 25.5" Collings strung with 11's. I tend to use a pretty light touch most of the time. And I have another guitar strung up with 12's or 13's for playing Hedges type stuff.
I like short scale for fingerstyle stuff because of lower string tension. My Froggy H12c has 25'1" scale, 12 fret, 1-7/8" nut, 2-1/4" string distance at saddle. It's the most wonderful fingerstyle guitar and Michael Millard says, in jest, it's the only classical guitar he's ever built.

I've always wanted to play a Franklin but never come across one. I hope your is everything you wish for.

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