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Originally Posted by mhw48 View Post
That's an interesting idea. If there's any way you could spend some time comparing a short scale guitar with a long scale, that would obviously be helpful. I had a short scale Collings OM at one point, and found it a slight bit easier to fret and to bend strings due to the lower string tension. I also remember some chord stretches being more manageable: while it's not a huge difference physically, sometimes just a few mms closer makes it feel vastly easier! Supposedly the shorter scale will have a slightly "warmer" or "sweeter" tone than a long scale, but I'd check with Nick to see if he thinks it will have much, or any effect on the tone.
Thanks for the input. Yeah.... that's what I've read and heard a lot. Ideally, I'd like to find the same make and model guitar with different scales so I could do a side by side comparison. That might be tricky. I'm definitely going to talk to Nick about it and see what he thinks.

I like the idea of "warmer and sweeter" tonality though. I told Nick that one of the biggest gripes with the vast majority of acoustic guitars I've played over the years is
the treble strings. I don't like really bright trebles. I like to hear a bit of depth and warmth to them. Clarity is important, but for my touch, I want to be able to coax some nuance and subtleties out of them instead of just having a bright, clear and strong sound. Nick seemed to know exactly what I meant and that's one thing I've always noticed about his guitars. They have that in the upper my ears at least.
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