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Originally Posted by 4mykey View Post
I'm considering having Nick build it to a 24.9" scale. I have smaller hands and there's some chord stretches that have always been a struggle. Nick put that idea in my head and I keep mulling it over. Anyone with thoughts on that, feel free to chime in. I've only played a short scale ages ago. I play fingerstyle and have my 25.5" Collings strung with 11's. I tend to use a pretty light touch most of the time. And I have another guitar strung up with 12's or 13's for playing Hedges type stuff.
That's an interesting idea. If there's any way you could spend some time comparing a short scale guitar with a long scale, that would obviously be helpful. I had a short scale Collings OM at one point, and found it a slight bit easier to fret and to bend strings due to the lower string tension. I also remember some chord stretches being more manageable: while it's not a huge difference physically, sometimes just a few mms closer makes it feel vastly easier! Supposedly the shorter scale will have a slightly "warmer" or "sweeter" tone than a long scale, but I'd check with Nick to see if he thinks it will have much, or any effect on the tone. If he's recommending it, then I'd trust his experience and knowledge.

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