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Default Another Franklin Build Thread...

Long story short, I first discovered Nick's guitars 20+ years ago via John Renbourn and was captivated by the guitar's tone. Back in '98 and '99 I was fortunate enough to have a couple private lessons with John and got to hear his 3 feet away. It was stunning! It just confirmed my desire for one even more. But was unaffordable at the time.

Fast forward to a year or so ago. I was at a Clive Carroll workshop and someone had a one month old BRW Franklin OM and they were generous enough to let me play it. It was amazing. The tone was so sweet and nuanced, exceptional balance between the strings and super easy to play. It was a dream.

So I'm finally in the position to afford one and met with Nick last weekend in his shop. He listened to my playing to get a feel for my dynamics and styles. We also talked a lot about his techniques and builds and looked at tons of different wood sets! I decided to go all in and chose a set of quartersawn BRW for the back and sides and 50 year old German Spruce top. All going on an OM. Deposit sent and away we go! Estimated time is 6 months to a year for completion.
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