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I'm a fan of good quality cases, as well. I got my first Calton case shipped over from the UK from Steve Calton, back before there even were any Caltons being made in North America. I bought it when I got hired for the Alaska Artists In The Schools program.

I had heard from an experienced member of the program that when we got sent to these remote Native villages in the Bush that we'd typically get dropped off at gravel airstrips a mile or two from the village proper, and after a half hour or so the school janitor would eventually show up driving a snowmachine (which is what we call snowmobiles in Alaska) towing a plywood sled behind it for the luggage.

I already owned the boots, parka and fur hat needed for this sort of travel, but didn't have a guitar case that would protect the guitar in those circumstances. Since it was often -35˚ Fahrenheit (-37.22˚ Celsius) while we had to stand out there and wait, it seemed like an intelligent idea to get a Calton case for its thermal protection as well as its damage prevention.

I've been a fan of Calton cases ever since.

Wade Hampton Miller
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