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Originally Posted by 83SanDimas View Post
Thanks Captain Jim...

How much fuller would you say it is? Is it unusually thick?
Seriously, this ^ could so be taken out of context.

I am 2,800 miles away from my Taylors, so the measuring thing isn't going to happen for me. Suffice to say, the difference is noticeable. For a lot of years, I have compared every guitar to the 335 I've had for 47 years... love that neck. Taylor was the first acoustic that I found felt as good. So, I dismissed other guitars because of the neck feel. When I first pulled the Shorty out of the case, I thought, "Oh, that neck is a lot thicker."

There is so much good about that guitar that I didn't write it off immediately. A day later, I didn't give it much consideration. If I play for four hours (rare), the muscles in my left hand feel it. I don't notice that with my other guitars. That said, it isn't a problem, just a difference.
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