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I owned an Xi and it was the most comfortable guitar I've ever played. However, I don't have issues with bigger guitars, so this wasn't the greatest selling point for me. I sold it mainly because the RT finish didn't blend well with my playing technique (I make too much contact with the top of the guitar). The tone of the guitar was quite good, not nearly as thin as you might think.

I think the lack of popularity with these guitars is due to the fact that you can't just play them at any music store. If more people actually had a chance to try one in person, I think a lot more people would buy them. So many of us end up ordering a guitar sight unseen because we just don't live where we can try these out ahead of time. It gets kind of scary to assume a thin bodied guitar like the Xi will work when you've never tried one. A lot easier to believe a GX will fit the bill better.
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