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Originally Posted by 83SanDimas View Post
I am looking at getting my first composite.

What OM or smaller body from each manufacturer would you recommend?

I found it interesting that the body-size and the neck-profile the deciding factors for the choice of a guitar. Whatever happened to the voicing and tones ?

For smaller bodies and for ergonomics, i recommend :
1) Composite Acoustics' Xi-Performer
2) Blackbird Guitar's Super OM 2.0
3) Emerald Guitars' X20-OS

Haven't tried the other smaller-sized guitars yet (yes, there are "many many")
How about you pop by MacNichol's Guitar forum ?
They provide road-trips for guitars try-outs (a small fees is for the transportation cost to your residences)
Recall the CA Xi and the Blackbird Lucky 13 are currently on a road-trip now...
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