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Hi Peter,
All great points you make. I totally get them.
Andrew York is quite the resource. I've been working on quite a few of his pieces lately. And when I ordered music from his site, he sent it to me directly, so I've had a few email exchanges with him. A bonus for us from the pandemic. Artists like that are usually on the road all the time, concertizing. But a lot of them must still be holed up.
His music is really captivating. And deep. From the first note to the last, a journey. It's been a real joy learning this stuff. I should have looked into his music much earlier.
He's also a mad scientist of sorts. He's published on his site a number of mathematical and physics papers. Quite an interesting individual. And of course, a world class player.
Julian Bream - A true master of the instrument but full of personality and charisma.
Ditto that. And a great sense of humor. He has some really fascinating master classes on YouTube.
Thanks for posting your insights. Glad you are enjoying the ride!
Best regards,
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