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Default Further update..

So, for anyone interested, I wanted to post update number 2 after just over a month with this instrument.

1. It's harder than I thought it would be given where I was at with a steel string

2. My left hand is taking some strain - thought it was pretty strong but clearly it's not...

3. The quest for the right nail shape, length and where it hits the string has become borderline obsessive ;-)

4. Tone - the holy grail, a never ending search through Michael Chapdelaine videos to find the secret (There isn't one..)

5. Strings - I am a gear nerd and I love the string journey although I am finding the differences more subtle than I found with different sets on my steel string

6. The breadth of music takes my breath away - starting with contemporary and the likes of Andrew York, moving to the Spanish and also into the classical (Bach etc) are places I never would have thought I would find myself, but here I am, loving it and wondering how it eluded me for so long..

There is a seeming endless number of pieces I deeply want to learn and play

7. Julian Bream - it was partly his videos that pulled me into classical but on digging deeper and reading his book I am sad I didn't discover his true value before now. A true master of the instrument but full of personality and charisma.

8. Lastly, the big question - is there ever going to be room for steel string in my life again? Honestly, if you asked me to choose one guitar to keep right now it would be my nylon string - the prospect is quite scary but I am already thinking about how much I could get for my steel string guitars to put towards a serious nylon..

All that having been said, things change so no hasty moves afoot - just more practice.

Thanks all for the support so far.

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