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My wife and I are avid flower gardeners here in Oregon...our gardens are extensive and contain hundreds of recent years the rodent and insect population has exploded because of a series of much warmer than normal winters....with no hard freezes that we typically experience in winter the pests are overwintering and each year they are becoming exponentially more numerous...

......they are particularly hard on the perennials and have basically wiped out our tulips...reduced our lillies by more than 50 percent....and have made a major dent in many other plantings....we’ve been gardeners for decades now and this lack of freezing is hitting our gardens much harder than hard freezes ever did...they’re hard on our vegetable gardens too,,,it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get any good cold snaps this year either...

....there are so many rodents that any conventional methods of extermination is pointless....I am hoping to find an affordable source for snakes but so far I have found them to be prohibitively expensive....because of our pest proliferation we have a lot more birds coming though...the songbirds are keeping the insects in check.....the raptors can eat all the gophers, moles, vols and mice they can hold but can’t diminish their ever increasing numbers....

...but we gardeners are a stubborn lot and can endure the failures because the successes are so infinitely gratifying....

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