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Default Hey gardeners are you going to lose many perennials this winter

So I shredded a lot of leaves in the Fall to spread around the perennials and shrubs as winter protection, and now we’ve had snow on the ground for a few weeks that will also help blanket the leaves, we’re in zone 5 in the Champlain Valley in Vermont but as you get closer to Green Mountains its zone 4. I brought inside a borderline zone 5 potted lavender that’s doing well in a cooler part of the house, along with a perennial basil that’s also stayed leafy green I just forget the name, those I think I’ll keep in pots when I put them back outside in Spring.
And to switch threads I can really recommend Helen Macdonalds new book “Vesper Flights” short essays, mostly but not all bird themed , refreshingly beautiful prose writing , she, of course author of the excellent “H is for Hawk”
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