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My thoughts:
  • Skip the Kay - most of the ones I've seen either needed a neck reset and/or had other problems requiring the intervention of a professional tech (which I generally don't find cost-effective on what was/is a student-level guitar), and for the cost of a no-issues example of any model really worth having you could start thinking in terms of a Loar LH-600;
  • Pass on the Gretsch Synchro 100, for aforementioned reasons;
  • If you're a good haggler, try to get the Godin for around $300 - set it up with 13's and a slightly higher action than you're probably using right now, use a heavier pick, and IME it'll serve you well as a "fun" guitar that just happens to punch above its weight (and costs less than similar vintage entry-level Harmonys/Kays);
  • Try to get that Eastman down into the $1500 bracket - beg/borrow/steal the money or put it on payment/layaway if you have to - set it up as per the above (use Monels for full acoustic-electric versatility) and you'll have a lifetime keeper...
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