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Originally Posted by Mandobart View Post
I have one of each - an Eastman archtop and an Altamira Sel-Mac copy. The Altamira has the classic punch for gypsy jazz. Its incredibly light and incredibly loud. Its definitely twangier. Cost me about the same as my Eastman, about $1400. You can get a student modelish Gitane for under $1 k.

The Eastman has a modern archtop tone. With a carved top and back its heavier.

I'd recommend a gypsy jazz guitar.

I'm lucky to live a 3 hour drive from Michael Horowitz of d'jangobooks, the largest dealer of gypsy jazz guitars on the west coast. I've never seen any at a music store.
The Altemira is one I'm considering. The solid back version with D hole is $1200. If I get a pickup installed, it pushes it into the price range of an all solid Eastman archtop.

If you listen to the song below, I'm shooting for this sort of tone:

Honestly, I think either would get me there, but I wonder if the Gipsy Jazz version might get me there more easily?

Anyone have additional thoughts on this instrument?
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