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Originally Posted by BoneDigger View Post
For playing more country western swing or Marty Robbins cowboy songs, would you think an acoustic archtop would be best or a Gypsy jazz guitar? Eastman has the DM1 and DM2 gypsy guitars, or I could get something more like the Eastman AR610, etc. Or Godin, Loar, etc. The DM2 looks intriguing to me, but I would appreciate any thoughts.
Have you been able to try both types? While I love my varied collection of vintage Epiphones, I got to play a boutique Selmer copy two summers ago, and it was fine. Very good for leads or rhythm. I also rented an Eastman briefly, and while nice enough, could not compare to the Bumgarnner Selmer copy.

I have small(14-3/4") to large(17-3/8") Epiphones, and any of them would work well, too.
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