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Well, we did discuss this at Show and Tell. I'd like to THINK that what the guy was saying (and has been mentioned before) is that you are making some great music but you are doing it a disservice using your current recording methods. I'm always on people for making as good a recording as possible to show case how great their stuff is. I'm no great recording technician but have found that using some good techniques adds a lot. To be honest, I have some "stock" settings in Adobe Audition that I use for reverb and equalization so the process (for me) of taking a recording and creating the final product simply requires mixing and a MAX of 10 minutes with the software. (I'm meeting a friend who is quite good with it to see if I can pick up some tips). In that thread, you indicated that you weren't really interested in devoting the time to that end of the hobby which is fine, but trust me, as good as your music is, people will continue to request better recordings. I think that is a compliment.

I have a Zoom R16, a DPM-3 pre amp, some SHS mics and some head phones. I purchased them piece by piece and probably have less than $1k in the whole set up. Yeah it's kinda of a lot, but A LOT less than my guitars. I sort of looked at it as the recording gear is an "instrument" of the hobby, just like the guitars, amps etc.
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