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Default This guy says my tone sucks.

I don't know what to think of this. I believe this guy might be right, from another forum I post on. Some of you have seen my videos. I record with an ipod *rolls eyes*

"It seems like you're doing everything you can to get bad recorded tone. It sounds like you've recorded it in one great big tunnel. The tone is distant, echoed, thin and amateurish. Your recorded tone sounded bad a year ago, and it still sounds bad. The other people here won't tell you that, they'll be dishonest with you because they don't want to hurt your widdle feelings, they'll criticize my view because they don't like me, they'll do everything except tell you the TRUTH. The truth is your recorded tone sux.

When recorded tone sux, people will pay a LOT less attention to the song, the singing and the playing.

You need serious help in how to record an acoustic guitar and voice. Get that help, and LISTEN to the advice. Otherwise your recorded sound will not reach a reasonable, listenable quality.

Ok, now it's over to everyone else, who'll tell you that I'm just an and that you sound GREAT, and how you're improving every week, and stardom is just around the corner for you"

So I tend to think it's difficult to get a good recorded tone with a video capturing device. It seems like it's either record audio only and forget the video or hire a production company to get a good quality video / audio.

I'm all ears if anybody has any advice. My goal is to get the music seen and heard, but according to this guy, I'm doing myself a disservice by releasing anything on the internet as the tone sucks. My goal with posting videos has always been to get some advice on whether the tune sucks or not. I'm primarily focused on playing live, till the tunes get real solid, then go into a studio and have someone else do it. Am I doing myself a dis-service by releasing videos with lackluster tone?

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