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although i can never get a good vocal sound out of my aer
i think it's a great guitar amp. my thoughts on
an external powered speaker is That if you do this
you may not like what comes out of the ext speaker unless
you put some eq between the aer and the speaker.
What sounds good coming out of the amp may not
reproduce exactly out of the external speaker so a mixing
board or some sort of equalizer between the two
may be necessary. I have a rig which i use for
small intimate venues. It's a yorkville nc10c
and a sunburst gear amp.
although the sunburst
doesn't have the power of my aer it makes up for
that in quality of sound.and it runs on a battery. And vocals sound great through
it. the yorkville has a great design which is a hole through
the speaker and a locking ring so you can mount it on a support
stand slide it down and mount the m6br sunburst on top.
looks like a home made line array. the yorkvill is 300 watts and
really loud if needed. adds more bass and sounds good on its own.
they both weigh in the mid 20 s but are small so easy to lug around.
just another option..
I can run this rig by itself because the m6br8 has a built in 4ch mixer.
but i find i get more control by using a small mackie mixer.

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