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As I approach my 67th birthday, I can feel your pain about heavy gear!

My "big" rig is a Bose L1 Model II, but I own an AER Compact 60 for precisely the same reason of which you speak... it is an amazing little piece of kit! 12 #s and produces an incredible amount of really high quality noise! Yes, you can run outputs off the AER to another speaker (but you'd need a "powered" speaker or a PA to patch into, as the signal from the AER will not have any watts behind it.).

You might consider keeping one of your Fishsticks and checking out one of the new Bose S1 Pro amps - as the AER, it's small and light (15 #s). I do not think it will produce the overall sound levels of the Compact 60, however, but it will get plenty loud for a smaller room/situation. Also, the Bose is only ~$700 here in the Colonies, where the AER is $1200...
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