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Originally Posted by thistle View Post
I currently have a pair of Fishman SA220s that I have been very happy with. I rarely play places where I need them both, and am finding them a bit heavy to cart around. (I'm a weak old lady) I'm wondering if even one SA220 is more power than I need for most of my gigs.

I'm seriously considering selling them both and getting an AER Compact 60. If I was playing in a noisy pub where the AER might not be enough, can I use a line out from the AER to a speaker?
There are two outputs on an AER Compact 60, a line out and a DI out. They are different as follows:

1) Line out: Preamplifier output after tone controls, with effects, and after master volume, Mono jack, 1⁄4” (6.35 mm), Output voltage: 1.4 V (+3 dBV), (likely unbalanced).

2) DI out: Balanced XLR output before master, after tone controls, without effects, Differential output voltage: 140 mV (–17 dBV)

For your stated use (an extension speaker), you should use the line out, not the DI out. Your extension speaker must have its own power amp, either built in or separate. Make sure that the external speaker/power amp has an input that can handle (with sufficient headroom) a nominal source voltage of 1.4 V (which is slightly north of the professional +4 dBu standard).

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