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Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
Ed, so I'm clear on what you're saying, what is the modification you're thinking of here? Are you saying you convert dovetails to bolt-ons? If so, and you cut through the neck to do your conversion, what do you do about the slight loss of scale/intonation?

I ask because I've got a RK (dovetail joint) that I like and may, one day, want to reset (it's great for now). I would prefer to do something that allowed me to do future resets more easily, rather than re-do the dovetail.
Chris, No I add the stud and acorn nut to the existing dovetail joint. The reason I started in the first place. I reset a neck for a friend, and being one of the first I did, I made some simple errors. After about a month of the neck being under string tension, and apparently I had not made the joint tight enough, possibly not allowing the joint to cure long enough, the joint opened up slightly. When I fixed it, I wanted to make sure it would hold. The stud and acorn nut make that possibly.

HOWEVER, YOU have given me an idea. I am going to take apart a cheap guitar with a dovetail joint. Make the repairs and install 2 or maybe 3 studs, and install the neck without Glue. That would be basically a bolt on neck.
Of course make the repair as if the neck would be set WITH glue, to make sure all angles are proper. If at a future time it needs further repair, the disassembly would be rather rapid.

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