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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
As so very usual, you offer some very wise advice and great considerations.
And I would say on the whole, I agree with you. We must always strive to perfect our craft in the raw form in order to better the final outcome.
[INDENT]However there is another side to the story. From my experience in so many different professions, I have found that there is no one right method that works for everyone.
Absolutely true there is no one correct answer of method
(Also I was speaking specifically to reverb on vocals )
And to be fair certainly many pro studio's will use reverb in the talents Headphones mix,, for exactly the "creative" reasons you list.. BUT on the other hand,,, most of those studios are also using DSP systems so the talent hears it latency free or only the slight delay in the Reverb effect it self , not the effect and the system latency, that will be inherent in a non DSP (native) systems ............
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