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Default Grace Felix and ToneDexter - Dumb Question

I recently purchased a ToneDexter (TD) and really LOVE what it does to my amplified acoustic guitar tone. I plan to purchase a Grace Felix which is a 2 channel preamp so I can run the TD and a DPA 4099 gooseneck mic through the Felix and blend the signals to my pedals.

Here's the dumb question - Should I remove the rubber feet from the Felix and TD and VELCRO these onto my pedalboard? The Felix especially is such a beautiful piece of equipment, I hate the idea of removing the feet and sticking VELCRO to it. I also don't know if these are just to large and heavy to do this. That said, it would be nice to have all my equipment attached to my pedalboard so I can just plug and play without too much set up at every gig. Thoughts?
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