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Originally Posted by pf400 View Post
But really, is it necessary to have bar coding done on each CD?
If you are going to sell them in any commercial place, yes. Some CD replicators/duplicators will ONLY do it if you have a bar code.
Originally Posted by pf400 View Post
I though CDs were on their way there any other format to produce in?
You heard right, CD sales are WAY down. Most people are streaming their music through one of the many services available (Apple Music, Spotify, etc).
A band I went to see Saturday night is offering 14 of their albums on a single USB stick for $30 - they are well aware that many people don't even have a way to play CDs any longer. Most new cars are not coming with a player, new computers don't come with one... Believe it or not, you can get limited vinyl album runs down now - but its really an audiophile thing, not for the 'normal' person.
Originally Posted by pf400 View Post
I figure it will take 2 or 3 months to get this done. Realistic?
2-3 months is not unrealistic, if you have done the prep work ahead of time - booking studio time, getting the album artwork finished (or at least requested), looked at all your studio/mastering/duplication/distribution options and decided on which ones you are going to use.

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