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Originally Posted by pf400 View Post
Great help so far, much appreciated. I have the songs down pretty well to my satisfaction, just my guitar and looper. Would love to add bass, organ, and keyboard tracks, plus do some talking parts in between songs...maybe 20 seconds of me explaining the significance of each song to me. I might be able to get some local business sell the product, not sure. For sure it would be a nice Christmas present for family and friends.

But really, is it necessary to have bar coding done on each CD?

I though CDs were on their way there any other format to produce in?

I figure it will take 2 or 3 months to get this done. Realistic?
Like I'm sure others here, I used to do this every Christmas using CDR disks that I just burned on my computer and put in CD cases that you can probably still buy at supply stores which had a booklet I created on my computer. I'd then send them with our annual holiday letter to friends and family using mailer envelopes that were/are? also an office supply store item. This cost little to do other than the time to create and record the music.

You seem to be aiming for commercial distribution. Am I right? That's not my field, so others will have advice there.

Commercially, the focus these days is on streaming and digital platforms. Yes there is a vinyl resurgence and even cassette tapes seem to be having their nostalgic blip. If you have the budget and the ability/desire to spend the money with little chance of recouping costs, vinyl would be the other physical format.
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