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Originally Posted by pf400 View Post
Actually I have 16 songs not 6. Most are traditional Christmas songs...Silent Night, is from the 1960s, one from late 1990s. My budget is 2000 maximum. One place I know charges 30 per hour, provides 1 CD and an electronic link, can do 'splicing' to combine the best parts of several takes, can add reverb or other effects, but does not add other instruments to the mix.

Appreciating the four comments so far...thanks men.
"Splicing" is a tape reference. "Comping" is more likely what someone will do for you. It's a pretty common technique that's become a lot easier to do than it was 15 years ago.

I'd suggest finding someone who can do the recording AND add the instrumentation you want. Otherwise, you'll be bouncing back and forth between people and that's not ideal. The other alternative is to find a musician to come to the studio where you're recording and lay down tracks. That can add up quickly.
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