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These changes sound like good things to me. But the first thing I would want is these improvements on an HD-28, but that is not available. It's a shame if Martin is going to upgrade their guitars that they have picked only four models to apply the improvements to. I don't quite fathom why they aren't making these changes across the entire standard line of guitars, including the H versions of the guitars. It's not like these changes are going to change the building and assembly methods significantly out in the plant very much.

I love my Martin guitars, but I am often frustrated by the glacial pace of their willingness to make improvements. The management people need a real dose of fear to get their act together. I'm sure it's fear that has motivated their choice for making these improvements offered on only these four models. When they have been putting these changes out for a while on Custom Shop instruments, you'd think that there would be limited risk in going for the gold here.

They must not feel that there is any hurry here. To me, taking advantage of business opportunities is always about a sense of urgency. That's how I ran things when I was in the design business. But I never see any indication of a sense of urgency from Martin. Maybe they have all the business they can handle.

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