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Originally Posted by archerscreek View Post
I found the referenced article very interesting. And I think it speaks to OP's question. Based on the article, I have no doubt some people have been playing at least some of the changes for a few years now in their Custom Shop guitars. The interesting question is whether or not the owners of those guitars realize(d) they got (and are playing) a guitar with a titanium truss rod in the neck, a carbon fiber bridge plate, or have the Liquid Metal brand bridge pins, etc.

The Martin rep in the article stated how the innovative changes have been tried out in the Custom Shop for a few years now. So the question is, did those ordering a custom shop guitar know they could request a titanium truss rod, carbon fiber bridge plate, Liquid Metal pins, etc? If customers didn't know the options existed, they couldn't request them. Maybe some people were aware Martin had some new build options they wanted to try out and went ahead and ordered that spec. Who knows until we hear from them. I ordered my CS guitar in February of 2018 and had no idea those options existed. The guitar sounds great. Maybe mine was a guinea pig. My pins have red dots in the middle. It feels light for a Rosewood dread. Everything the Martin rep touted in the article. Haha.
I received my Custom Shop D28 with VTS Sitka Adi GE braces last week. Mine also came with red dot on the pins. It felt marginally lighter compared to my Collings which is already built lighter than the standard models. Both are rosewood dreads. Like you said, who knows. haha. I probably would have ordered this for a couple hundred dollars more.
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