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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Those sets are beautiful Mark! Oh My! I still like the set we picked out but those sure give a body pause.

And the paua on that second BRW just can't help but peak out there. Awesome!
Thanks Ukejon and Cigarfan,

We did pick you out a really nice set.
These are the sets I have available without an upcharge.

Here are some upgrades,
This is a Claro Walnut set and a bass acoustic I made from it's sister:

I have two Black Walnut sister sets that I call the 1850 wood because it was cut and has been seasoning since before the civil war! Here is one of the sets and a crossover I made from another one of the sister sets:

Finally, if you really want to go nuts. I am very excited about this recent purchase of two billets of extremely figured Claro Walnut. There is one for backs and one for sides. I should be able to get 4 maybe 5 guitars out of these:

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