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So I got the dust collection piece more or less sorted. I decided to forget building my own centrifugal blower and just bought a shop vac. But I did build a cyclonic separator. Should help keep the amount of dust and clogging down on the filer in the shop vac. I had questions about whether or not it would be sufficient for the drum sander, but those turned out to be completely unfounded. No dust flying around while using the sander, at all. It was wonderful.

So I also got the oak pieces jointed and glued up. For that, I'll next have to cut the additional pieces and then joint those. Then I can thickness sand the back.

I also started on routing the rosette channel. I decided to do a test run with the first scrap top I made. I think it will actually turn out well. Had very tight joints between the walnut and the cedar. I'll sand it flush tomorrow and post some pictures of that.

While routing it, I used a plane piece of white paper to protect the face of the plate. Seemed to do a good job. No gouging from the trim router turning the circle.

And, if you hold the channel up to the light, you can see light through the wood. Really thin right there. I think that is the way it's supposed to be, but it was interesting to see it.

And then here it is being glued up. A black granite tile from Lowes is a handy thing to have lying around.

On the real thing, I plan on using an inner white oak piece and an outer white oak piece, to give better boundaries to the inside segmented component. Then, I will add a black, white, black border.
-- Nick
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