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Originally Posted by HCG Canada View Post
Is a guitar a circle?? Usually not. So why use a circular dish?

I made my present forms out of mdf using a router to ONLY make a few landmark depth points, then used a scraper to scrape out a logical egg-ish shaped dome for the soundboard. Presently, I build classical guitars as well as a custom bracing design steel string guitar, so with a standard x-braced steel string, I can understand the desire to have a full radius.

Point is, making your own dome is pretty quick. 30 min to an hour total. And it can be customized to one's own sensibilities and logic.
That is what I did differently too. I did not make a circular dish I made one more resembling the shape of a guitar. I do not have the space for a go-bar assembly so I made a smaller radius dish that would be portable and plan on using clamps instead for the braces. Similar to what you would see in the instructional series A Master Class In Acoustic Guitar Making.

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