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Default Part 2....

OK, here's some more pics of days one and two, first of all though I'd like to thank you guys for the positive feedback, especially you Larry, that means a lot. Fingerstylist, I didn't get the chance to check out that many of the mini-concerts while I was there I'm afraid but I loved what I did see, the standard of playing and building this year was exceptional! Cue Zephyr, Andy's new harp guitar is a masterpiece and it was wonderful to hear it in action when Andy played a show as part of the festival. So, here's some more pics...

With Jeremy Jenkins of Austin Texas I really enjoyed playing his guitars this year.

Me and Jeff Traugott I FINALLY got to play some of his guitars!!

With the wonderful George Lowden he'd brought 2 guitars he'd built personally that were lovely

The line-up for day 2

With the AMAZING Charlie Hunter he was here to pick up his new guitar from Jeff Traugott. It's jaw-droppingly good!! He also played mini-concerts for Jeff and Ken Parker

Putting a Somogyi flamenco guitar through its paces

in part 3 I'll write in-depth about some of the incredible guitars that blew my mind at this year's fantastic show...
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