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I have always found that the less eq'ing I have to do to get a good sound, the better... if I had to eq with the board/amp, the guitar AND an eq pedal, I'd seriously be looking into getting a different pickup system/amp...

You should not need to be messing with all the levels of a bunch of different pieces of gear to get good tone. A tweak here or there to accommodate different rooms, but nothing drastic.

My rig is a Goodall CJC with Dazzo 60's and a Angus 12 string with Dazzo 60's, into a Bose T1 Mixer into a Bose L1 Model II. After setting the input gain, I need no eq'ing on the Bose mixer and I have the guitar run into the overall "Flat" setting...

...and I'm extremely pleased with the sound!
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