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Originally Posted by Odedi View Post
I have an EQ on my preamp, an EQ pedal, and finally, EQ on my amp,

When setting them all flat, is there a right order to start EQing my tone?
For example, for to cut/boost frequencies on my preamp, and then the pedal and amp?
Or the other way around?
Hi Odedi

Most effective, and flexible, is to EQ the guitar chain so it's pretty 'flat', then worry about outboard gear.

I set the EQ on my preamp/guitar rig so it sounds great in the headphones…then I split the signal simultaneously to my stage amp, and the house PA.

That way I can set the stage amp's EQ to my liking without affecting the House PA system (let the techs set it for the house…it's their job). And then if I adjust my amp, it does not change the PA (which makes sound techs upset by the way).

A simple $30 passive direct box will let you plug your guitar chain into it, and then take a ¼" output to the stage amp at the same time you pull an XLR feed to the house.


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