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So it's been a couple weeks, I finally had some time today to play with it.

Not too long ago I had a Felix to blend the two sources together, but eventually saw that I could get sooooo much more functionality and flexibility from a Helix for the same amount of money. So that's what I use now to blend two sources together. Besides the Anthem + K&K preset, I also have a Black Angel (sound hole) + K&K preset.

As for the Anthem + K&K, here is the Helix setup:
Anthem, high pass at 750 Hz. The 200-600 Hz midrange in dual sources often interacts (badly), so I cut this out so there is only 1 source in this range.
K&K is the main sound, but I remove some midrange and add some high end

I think it's incredibly interesting that the passive K&K has a hotter signal than the active Anthem SL, so the Helix gains it up. And I set it so that if the Anthem volume is 100%, it's rather aggressive and mic'y. But then it's easy to roll of the volume knob back to reduce that mic sound without it affecting the base K&K tone.

Besides the EQ and blending, I have some compression on each channel... and chorus and reverb. The chorus is pretty mild (slow rate, long pre delay), and in the screen shot below you can see that the mix in [brackets] means it's linked to the expression pedal to go between 40-60%. So for strumming songs I can back off the chorus, and for finger style stuff I can roll up the chorus. I've also got a couple Snapshots setup to do similar things with the effects. Snapshots are an easy way to adjust different effects within the same preset.

The blocks with 5 bars are expression pedal blocks (set at -120 db) that I use just to set the EQ of each one individually, normally they are bypassed.

Top line is the Anthem: LPF, Comp, mic preamp, on/off
2nd line is the K&K: Comp, mic preamp, PEQ, on/off

Then they are blended together, and apply the modulation and reverb.

The bottom line is the 2nd processor that I could use for another instrument or mic.
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