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I am a maybe. If you have not built a guitar before you can use it as your practice run with an inexpensive top. I would second John's experience, I built a box at 20% RH, it handles the winters just fine. As far as building with that set I would do a very basic build, use plastic binding, nothing fancy. Use a piece of flatsawn maple for the neck, stack the heel and do a scarf joint. Don't be too particular building with it, do the joints right and don't worry about the nicks and dings. Think of it as a brand new beater guitar. Get your process down building this one and see where you will have trouble. A basic finish on it, satin is good. Building a guitar does not take a long time, building one at a higher level does. You might even save the amount of time building your second by the time it took to do the first.
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