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Default My favorite thread

This is currently my favorite thread in Custom Shop! My hope is that you will update it occasionally even after you finish this gorgeous bloodwood guitar, as you acquire new hand tools and techniques.

I'm curious: how many of these techniques were used on my Woodsman? Did its old-time aesthetic inspire the use of more hand tools, or was it the other way around? My Hatcher guitar, by the way, seems to be going through a quite remarkable transfiguration. When I finally got the saddle replaced I had it set up with some extra light strings, thinking I needed that for bending the strings while playing blues, but after those changes the tone because far too beautiful to waste on the blues! I'm going to cultivate the classical end of my technique to play on the Woodsman - which is a good thing. I like John Hurt fine, but in the end I'd rather listen to Segovia.


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