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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Wow! A serious piece of kit, as they say down under!

Serious piece of kit, That's a good way to describe it!

Originally Posted by srick View Post
Mark - the Jointmaker pro looks like an amazing device! But this is a terrible thread, as TAS may be replacing my GAS. I love the concept of a hand powered table saw. Thanks for introducing me to this.

It is an amazing device and is the epitome of how hand tools didn't stop evolving after the use of electricity came to woodshops.

Originally Posted by srick View Post
I did a search for Jointmaker Pro on eBay and the only results were for cigarette rolling machines!
HAHAHA I guess that might be the 5th advantage of a hand powered table saw. Try rolling a cigarette with a power table saw!

Originally Posted by hopdemon View Post
I am just blown away by the beauty of your work,I only wish I had the skill so I could convince myself that I play good enough to do justice to one of those beauties. I will enjoy following this build.
Oh I bet you play just fine . Thanks for your kind words.

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