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Default NGDx2(kinda) OM28 and Sweetwater Fuzzies

After receiving my Custom Caleb Smith, I have been GASing for a Rosewood OM. Base on what I wanted to spend and research I decided on a Martin OM28. The Martin OM28 seemed to be a great all around Rosewood OM based on reviews. I ended up ordering from Sweetwater and let me say that their customer service is top notch. I have been dealing with Aaron Hoff from Sweetwater for a few years and he really takes care of me.

I received the first OM28 and it was beautiful. My thinking was that I had done good. Until I played it. The sound was just OK and I was extremely disappointed. I changed strings and tried different picks and the sound was still just OK. Honestly I have played some laminate guitars that have sounded way better than this Martin.

While changing the strings, I noticed that the Ivoroid V where the endpin is located was raised. This is hard to explain, but if you rub your hand across where the endpin is located you can feel a difference in the elevation of the rosewood and the ivoroid. Having owned numerous upper end guitars, I knew this was not right. I called Aaron at Sweetwater and told him about my situation. He then turned me over to Dakota in the Guitar Tech department. Dakota immediately offered to send me another OM28 and said that he would personally pick out a good one for me. I told him I wanted the one with the best bass response and he politely said he would do his best to find the one I described. He did a great job I might add. They also sent a prepaid return shipping label.

The second OM28 arrived and I was able to compare the two. The difference in sound between the two was staggering. The second OM28 sounded phenomenal and sounded just as I anticipated the OM28 sounding initially. It has a great full tone and is balanced. I even asked a guitar playing friend of mine to come over and take a listen. He agreed with my initial thoughts and couldn't believe it. I will add that the wood on the first OM28 was more appealing.

After comparing the two, I packaged up the first OM28 and sent it back to Sweetwater. Sometimes a defect can be a blessing. If this would not have happened, I would have definitely sold this guitar and had a bad taste for OM28.

I always like to try a guitar before I purchase, but because of where I live that option is very difficult. It's even more difficult to play two of the same models and pick the best one to your ears. This goes to show that you really can't base your opinion on one guitar of that model. If I would have based my opinion on that first OM28, I would not have recommended them at all to anyone. However based on my second OM28, I would highly recommend the OM28.

I'm happy now.

Again a big shout out to Aaron and Dakota at Sweetwater!!
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