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Originally Posted by emmsone View Post
Hi Mark,
That quilted looks really, really great!
I have some questions. Your jig for laminating the sides, is that set up to take a specific total side thickness? ie, is the outside curve offset by a side width?
I guess most sides even when laminating will end up with a similar total thickness, but with different woods, perhaps not ending up exactly the same. As i see it the mould will have to be super accurate to get contact throughout to get a decent gluing, so if the sides are too thick or too thin you'd end up with gaps.
Are your moulds hardwood? and did you get those parts, specifically the lamination jig, CNC'd for accuracy?


Hi David,

Thanks for your comments! To answer your questions, I cut the moulds on a bandsaw and sand them to accuracy leaving a .090" gap which is the finished thickness of the laminated sides I do. The bottom or male part of the mound is supported by the stand making it more rigid than the top female mound. I use
medium MDF board because it's has a little more flexibility than plywood. The sequence of placing the clamps is important to eliminate any gaps. You start the clamps at the waist and work out each way from there so you aren't blocking in gaps in the outer more flexible female mound.

Hope that made sense!
Mark Hatcher

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