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I really like the Rare Earth Blend a lot. As compared to my Schertler AG-6/S-Mic, the Blend has a directional mic while the Schertler has an omni. That is why the Blend mic is on a little aimable arm while the S-mic is fixed. You only need to aim a directional mic.

Because of this the blend mic is a little more resistant to feedback. The omni on the Schertler sounds very natural but you can only dial a little in before it feeds back. The REB lets you separate the mic from the pickup with a TRS cable. The AG-6 is designed for both live sound and recording. For live use Schertler recommends the mic be dialed in 10% or less. For recording without a monitor they recommend you turn the mic all the way up. At that point, you donít hear the pickup but it is there reenforcing the low frequencies without sounding boxy.

I do prefer the Schertler but it was a tough call and I can easily see why someone else might prefer the REB.

If money isnít an object you might want to check out the Vanden Mimesis Kudos blend. The REB design is licensed to Fishman by Mike Vanden and the Mimesis is designed to also work with an external FPA mic clamped onto the body:
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