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Originally Posted by 63telemaster View Post
The M1A or M80 would be ideal for plug and play at your open mics as both have onboard pre amps so no fiddly outboard kit to worry about.

I've only played at a couple of open mics and I was using an M1A at the time. It sounded perfectly acceptable in the monitors and I got compliments on how good it sounded out front from other players.

I now use a DiMarzio Black Angel which is a much better sounding pickup imho. However, it's a passive pickup so would probably require you use a preamp/DI for it to sound its best. Not sure if the Fishman RE is active or not??? but worth checking if that's the way you decide to go.
It looks like the RE is active - has two little batteries (or a single lithium one) and has a volume wheel and some kind of eq switch. I have also had the DiMarzio on my radar but the Fishman looks like a tighter package and has a fixed cord if I use it just temporarily (instead of the fragile 1/8" jack.)

Came across this recent demo, sounds pretty good I think (especially in the dreadnought)

I found another video of being able to install the RE without having to loosen strings and what not.

I'm wondering if the adjustable bridge screws/bolts would interfere with installing a K&K, or make it sound weird given their close proximity to the E strings.
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