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Originally Posted by M Hayden View Post
Hi Bruce - Congrats on both healing up nicely from the crash and the new bike.

I’m curious what the p-juice/cremonese brown stain looks like in the jar. Your varnish has just a hair of color, so I’m wondering whether the stain looks darker or lighter in the jar than it comes out on the instrument.
The new bike exists but is not yet here.

The P juice in ammonia is a VERY dark burgundy. In water, it is candy apple red. Once dry on maple it is much less dramatic, but a beautiful color under varnish. A bit of vintage maple toner makes it truly seductive IMO. On myrtle it is significantly deeper despite the myrtle being quite light in color.

The Garden Path is completed but there is dirt to be moved. Here is a view of the shop from the back porch of the house:


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