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Originally Posted by Bebo View Post
Back to guitars for a moment:

Early Report: I now have in hand my newly built Sexauer FT-0-C Adi/Mahogany (see Sexauer/2020 (Chapter 2) thread). This guitar makes me happy. It is what I had hoped it would be. It feels right in my hands.

Iím not capable of the describing sound as well as many here on the Forum. But Iíll just say that this guitar, in itís infancy, sounds open, full, and alive. And although I know that it will only get better as it plays in, for me it doesnít need to.

I played only Dreadnaughts for the majority of my playing years because (without really thinking much about it) I guess I thought anything smaller was just less of a guitar. But there is nothing small about the sound from this guitar. This one plays big.

Bruce, thank you for your work.
Thank you for the quick review. Youíve only had the guitar a day or two, and it is less than two weeks old. I agree that is is a lovely instrument right out of the chute, and it will only get better. Thank you for the opportunity to make it for you.
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