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Originally Posted by SuperB23 View Post
Great looking Frog there!! Congrats, I bet it sings!!!!!!
Thank you Bobby!

Originally Posted by Parlorman View Post
My Froggy L came alive with John Pearse Nuages lights. Wonderful balance, great tone and they last a fairly long time
It came with Michael’s favored JP 80/20s, which sounded great except the low E was a bit too “dry/dull” for my taste. I put on EXP 80/20 lights for now because they typically work ok. My K, oddly, is my only guitar that I think sounds the best with Elixir PB lights. But I’ll check Nuages out.

Originally Posted by FormerFoodie View Post
Normally, I'd agree with the first sentence, but Haasome has a pretty wicked amazing stable and has impeccable taste with guitars. I suspect this guitar is every bit as good as the others he has.

But, I definitely agree with the second sentence! As far as I'm concerned the world would be a better place if all discerning acoustic guitarists had a Frog in their stable.

Haasome, congrats on the new Frog!!! Play it in good health!!!! I'd love to hear how you spread the playing time around your awesome stable.
Thanks FF — pretty lucky to have this problem
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