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Default What Small-Bodied (0-000) Acoustic Am I Looking For?

I wanted to get your advice. I'm primarily an electric guitar player, but I've owned a few acoustics over the years. I've never found "the one" yet, so I always end up selling them because they never get played. I'm wanting to try again, but this time I wanted to make a more informed decision.

I would primarily be playing delta-style blues on it, but I would like to have a guitar that is somewhat versatile for occasional strumming as well. Based on what I've played in the past and doing some research as well as my own tastes, this is basically a list of features I'm looking for:

* 0, 00, or 000 sized - nothing larger than a Martin-style 000
* 1 3/4 nut - this would be primarily a fingerpicking guitar
* Not sure about top wood. Mahogany seems to be right up my alley blues wise, but seems like it might be too dark for strumming tunes. I'd lean towards blues sounds, and presumably Mahogany, if I had to make a choice.
* American-made, solid wood construction
* around $1000 - could go up to $1500 for the right guitar, but would like to keep it around $1000
* New or used is fine
* Slot-head would be a plus, but not a necessity

Based on my list here, I would think the special-run Martin 00-15m or 000-15m would be right up my alley, but I wanted to get others input before making a final decision. I've also played the Taylor GC3 model, which I really liked, but I'm not sure if it'll really get the vintage-style sound I'm looking for.

LA Guitars seems to be the only place with the 1 3/4 nut Martin models in stock. Elderly looks like they can get them, but not until next year. So, I would have to buy without playing, which leaves me a bit nervous. I really like the look of the gloss-top models that LA Guitars have, but again, I wouldn't be able to play it before buying. Furthermore, it's hard to find the entry-level American-made solid construction small bodies in town to try any of them out.

Am I on the right track? Any other guitars I should be looking at? Am I asking for too much out of a guitar in this price range? Thanks in advice for steering me in the right direction!
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